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Though he doesn't seem terribly eager to advertise it, professional Christian apologist "J.P. Holding"-a man who constantly portrays himself as an awe-inspiring intellectual powerhouse-is a young earth creationist. He actually believes that the book of Genesis is historically, factually, literally true. He accepts the Noah's Ark story as historic fact and he believes that the human race and the earth are only a couple of thousand years old.

Now, take a look at the mission statement on his web site:

"Tekton Apologetics Ministries is committed to providing scholarly answers to serious questions which are often posed on major and minor elements of the Christian faith. We believe in the importance of sound Christian doctrine which is based on a careful exegetical analysis of scriptures from the Holy Bible. We also believe that it is important to incorporate the findings of various theological and scientific disciplines in order to properly assess the veracity of scriptural evidences, and to carefully evaluate issues which are relevant to the Church as a whole." (emphasis added)

What "scientific disciplines," if any, did Turkel "incorporate" to "properly assess" that Genesis is literal history? Modern science does not support Genesis as literal history. Quite the opposite, in fact. When Turkel is pressed to explain why he accepts Genesis as literal history when all "scientific disciplines" that touch on the subject show this idea to be flat-out wrong, he seems to have no good answer.

Below is a Theology Web discussion board thread where Turkel was asked to explain his young earth creationist beliefs. He provided a few general answers at first but then became more evasive and eventually left the thread without providing detailed information:


Despite Turkel's efforts to avoid and gloss over this topic, it is very important. Young earth creationism is clearly crucial to his inerrancy theology and apologetics, but young earth creationism just doesn't fit in with the facts of reality.*

While many Christians are able to incorporate the findings of modern science into their theology, Bible inerrant fundamentalists such as Turkel are incapable of doing this. They are unable to alter their religious beliefs to accomodate modern knowledge. Instead they ignore, denigrate and deny modern knowledge that contradicts their close-minded theology.

As science progresses and knowledge about our origins and earth's history grows and becomes more widely disseminated, it is likely that Christians such as Turkel who continue to desperately cling to young earth creationism will be increasingly marginalized in the Christian community.

Here is some related information:

Comment from http://www.tektonics.org/TK-GEN.html:

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This is an important topic and more aspects of it will be examined later.

*Prominent young earth creationists have developed a very bad reputation for using deception, lies and rhetorical games to try to promote their cause. They are clearly at a disadvantage when they are confronted with the facts.

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