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January 2008

Another outside link: Here Dr. Hector Avalos Responds to JP Holding's critique of his book The End of Biblical Studies. Below is an excerpt from Avalos' response to Holding:

"When I asked him (e-mail 1-9-08) 'what peer reviewed publications have you written in textual criticism?'--- he did not answer that question at all. When I asked him what peer reviewed publications he had written in biblical studies, his response was: 'Why? Do you not know where to find them? Is that why your work is so poor?'"

"But my search in the standard data bases and scholarly resources shows that, unless he is using the name 'Bruce Metzger,' there is no peer reviewed work by Holding (or a Robert Turkel) in any respectable journal (unless he counts the 'articles' on his blog as peer reviewed research, which it is not). Why he evaded my question is clear enough: He has no qualifications in this area."

"More importantly, his claim that I am unable to evaluate textual decisions would apply to him even more so. If not being a textual scholar makes you unable to judge work in textual criticism, then he is unable to judge any of my claims in textual criticism. Mr. Holding, therefore, shows himself to be either a hypocrite or self-deluded."

October 2007 (updated)

Added a page to this site about Holding's hypocrisy here.

Robert Turkel says that he has officially changed his name to JP Holding, which he claims was his birth name.

Chris Hallquist examines JP Holding's "scholarship" here.

Here are some links to videos of JP Holding bequeathing pearls of wisdom to the world.

May 2007 (revised)

Looks like Turkel has made some new friends:

This is a new blog dedicated to "JP Holding." (NOTE: Since making this update, this blog has apparently been taken over by "JP Holding." This happened after the original owner of the blog was attacked on TWEB by "Holding" and others for being dishonest. The link above goes to a saved version of the blog. Here is "Holding's" new version.)

Here is another blog about Turkel.

The author of this blogpost explains why he doesn't trust Turkel's "scholarship."

Turkel is selling his book, The Impossible Faith, on Amazon.com. A visitor to The Impossible Faith Amazon page posted some critical comments about Turkel. Here is a sample:
"But it is my supposition that someone as obviously well-read as Holding is probably is well cognizant of the flaws in his own book, but is canny enough to understand that his intended readership - the converted and the gullible - will never take them to task. He's unquestionably discovered what a cash cow popular Christian apologetics can be for someone with the ambition to self-market and self-promote, as he has in abundance. And he knows that that particular field requires taxing work neither from its author nor from its readership."

April 2007

Turkel hurls grade school insults, engages in apologetic wordplay and dodges questions on a TWEB marathon discussion thread. From the thread, page 44:

SteveC: "Once again, a cleverly diversive maneuver. I asked him ("Holding") to find me some evidence, and he asks me to provide it. Try again Jack. It's not me who hasn't been answering questions, it's you who asks questions of questions as a means of diversion."


SteveC: "So here I'm not only accused of not answering his questions, he asks me to answer questions before he offers the same courtesy and I'm labeled stupid and a coward as well."

February 2007

In this new article, Farrell Till examines yet more of Turkel's desperate apologetic rationalizations. From the article:

"I love it when an argument backfires in the face of an inerrantist, and this backfire has left Turkel looking like a blackfaced buffoon in an old minstrel show."

September 2006

Some informative comments have been added to the What Others Say page as well as the How's Business? page.

In this new article on The Skeptical Review site, Farrell Till examines Robert Turkel's supposed resolution of the "Mary-Magdalene Problem." In the article, Till describes and documents a variety of problems with Turkel's apologetics. In another recent article from that site, Till points out a large number of Turkel's inconsistent, contradictory, mistaken and false statements. As Joseph Joson would say, "This is good stuff folks. Really good."

August 2006

In this recent article Farrell Till details a few of Turkel's duplicitous shenanigans.

A Theology Web member started a discussion thread with a large group photo of Turkel and friends. The picture was taken at something called the "No Other Gods Conference." The thumbnail above links to a cropped, lightened version of the photo.

Here is some commentary from that TWEB thread:

JEDI PUNKISH: um, did JPH actually give the go ahead to publish this, e.g. on a site where he usually insists on his identity being secret?

"JP HOLDING": I've been advised that if I want to do more conferences and such (and I do) I'll have to give in to the, erm, inclinations of those who think knowing what someone looks like is of some importance. So I gave Bill my approval. Eventually I'll also plan on posting video recordings of teaching sessions on Tekton.

June 2006

Okay, this is not an update to the site but rather a link. I just thought this would be a good place to put it. A Bible skeptic who attempted to befriend Turkel finally realized that he is "a sanctimonious jerk with serious ego problems." See what he writes here.

May 2006 (revised)

Is this a picture of Robert Turkel/"J.P. Holding"? Information on The Skeptical Review site indicates that it is.

Turkel has been caught referring to himself in the third person while posting under a different name on a discussion board. The issue was initially brought up here (copied page):

"Wait a second... Someone named J.P. Holding has been coming here using a pseudonym, and posting 30 messages a day in support of...J.P Holding? Is there even a question about whether we should let him get away with this?"
The moderator of the discussion board set up a thread specifically devoted to this issue. The moderator asked the poster, "Sheila Rangslinger," if she was "Holding," but "Sheila" wouldn't answer the question. "Sheila" quickly left the board.

See the discussion on this subject here.

May 2005

Added information to the tactics page and the what others say page.

April 2005

Put up a page detailing a couple of theological questions Turkel cannot or will not answer. Added links, here, to two parodies Turkel wrote. Uploaded a partially completed page about Turkel's apologetic tactics, here. Pasted in a few quotes to the quotable quotes page and added a comment about Turkel's defense of the so-called "James Ossuary."

March 2005

Tektonics Ministry now has a new domain: the-anointed-one.com. Please be aware that some of the links on the Tektonics Ministry site are incorrect because of the domain change and will be corrected shortly.

February 2005

A few tasty quotes have been added to the quotable quotes page since the last update. In other news, the Tektonics Ministry site may disappear very soon and pop up elsewhere in a new domain. Stay tuned.

April 2004

4/2/04 Added the YECism page, which is still under construction. Two or three new quotes were pasted into the quotable quotes page.

4/5/04 Made a new page for odds and ends and put a link to the Tektonics.org Graphics page on it.

4/25/04 Added some more quotes to the quotable quotes page. There have been some postings on the discussion board recently. Most of the postings were made by a supporter of Turkel. This Turkel fan made spurious allegations, spammed YEC nonsense and tried to filibuster the forums. Because of his abuse of the board, he was banned.

March 2004

3/1/04 Added the dishonesty page.

3/14/04 Edited the introduction page a little bit, and fixed links on the rest of the site.

3/15/04 Linked this information to the dishonesty page.

3/21/04 Replaced the original guestbook with a better one.

2/27/04 Spruced up this page, which details a bit of Turkel's dishonesty.

February 2004

2/1/04 Put up the page what others say. The page is still under construction.

2/29/04 Uploaded the TEKTONICS.ORG: EXPOSED! sister site into the tektonics.com folder and spruced it up a little bit. Files from that site will now be included in Tektonics Ministry site searches.

January 2004

1/1/04 Pasted some quotes onto the quotable quotes page and added a few comments to the how's business? page. Fixed a minor formatting problem on the pages.

1/5/04 Changed the background color on the home page and added some quotes to the quotable quotes page. There are still formatting issues to deal with.

December 2003

This site is new and is under construction. The following pages have been uploaded so far: home, introduction, how's business?, quotable quotes, guestbook and updates. Most of these pages are not complete.

These web site was created with a PC and tested with Internet Explorer 5.5. at different screen resolutions. When this site was viewed on a Mac, the fomatting appeared misaligned and there were a few other problems. Any suggestions on how to fix the Mac alignment problem would be appreciated. This is the how the home page and the basic formatting should appear.

Comments or questions should be directed here

12/18/03 Added a few quotes to the quotable quotes page.

12/23/03 Added a discussion board to the site.

12/25/03 Added a links page.

12/28/03 Made some minor improvements to the introduction page.

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