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This is Robert Turkel's Christian apologetics website. Below are a few interesting pages on the site:

Theology Web Discussion Board

Robert Turkel/"J.P. Holding" can be found posting here, especially in the following areas:

'James Patrick Holding,' the Want-to-Be Apologist by Farrell Till

Some basic information about Mr. Turkel and his apologetic efforts.

Where Are the Links? by Farrell Till

Till examines Turkel's refusal to link to the responses of those he debates with.

The Paper Shortage by Farrell Till

A look at one of Turkel's more absurd rationalizions for Bible contradictions.

Will Turkel Take Up Plumbing? by Farrell Till

Till discusses Turkel's defense of the so-called "James" ossuary which was seen to be fake almost from the time it came public. Turkel defends the ossuary here. Hilarious!

A Reply to J.P. Holding
An extended reply to Mr. Turkel regarding his critique of an article on Bible contradictions.

Turkel rewrites History

Dishonesty? You be the judge.


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