January 2008: Added a link to Dr. Hector Avalos response to JP Holding's critique of his book The End of Biblical Studies.

October 2007: Added a link to Chris Hallquist's examinations of JP Holding's biased, skewed "scholarship."

June 2007: Added a link to a post about "JP Holding" and a link to a blog entirely dedicated to "JP Holding." Both are from the same author. Also added a link to another blogpost in which the author explains why he does not trust Turkel's scholarship.

February 2007: Fixed a broken link to a response to Turkel by the late Allen Glenn and added links to two relatively recent Farrell Till articles, located here and here. Also updated the feedback link.

September 2006: A few links were updated on the mainpage and within articles.

"JP Holding" has given permission for his picture to be published on the Internet here:


Here is some commentary from that page:

JEDI PUNKISH: um, did JPH actually give the go ahead to publish this, e.g. on a site where he usually insists on his identity being secret?

JP HOLDING: I've been advised that if I want to do more conferences and such (and I do) I'll have to give in to the, erm, inclinations of those who think knowing what someone looks like is of some importance. So I gave Bill my approval. Eventually I'll also plan on posting video recordings of teaching sessions on Tekton.

Here is a cropped and lightened version of the picture found on the discussion thread.

March 2006: Added a link to Richard Carrier's rebuttal to a Turkel essay in which Turkel argues that there is as much evidence for the resurrection of Jesus as there is for Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon.

April 2005: Moved the Exposed! site to a new domain: the-anointed-one.com. Put in a new link to a Richard Carrier article entitled "Was Christianity Too Improbable to be False?" Added links to two Turkel parody articles (located here and here). Added a link to a page of Tektonics.org graphics. Also updated the links page by fixing, rearranging and adding links.

April 2004: Added a critique of a Turkel article about Genesis.

March 2004: Fixed the Released From the Holding Cell link. Added Brian Holtz's Correspondence with Turkel. Restored an article entitled Mr. Holding and Evolution earlier but forget to mention it. Added an e-mail written by ex-fundamentalist Ed Babinski about Turkel's theology.

February 2004: Uploaded the TEKTONICS.ORG: EXPOSED! site to the tektonics.com folder. Added a link to the Tektonics Ministry page (naturally), added a link to a rebuttal to Turkel entitled The "No-Unique-Advantages" Faith, uploaded two classic EXPOSED essays, located here and here. Put in a link to a recent Farrell Till article about Robert Turkel's "paper shortage" rationalization. Edited a few pages of The Great Divorce Debate to clean up the formatting. Re-made the links page and created a new search page.


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