·Apologetics-Fundamentally Flawed

·How to be a Bible Apologist

·Think Like a Fundy

·The Art of Apologetics

·Mother Goose Apologetics

A TEKTONICS.ORG: EXPOSED! original article which parodies the ridiculous word games that Turkels employs to defend his fundamentalist belief system.

·Christian Brainwashing links

Many links to articles describing how Christianity takes over people's minds. This information is particularly helpful in understanding "J.P. Holding's" strange behavior.

·The Secular Web

·Responses to Christian apologists

A Secular Web page.

·The Skeptical Review Online

Farrell Till's site which includes many rebuttals to Turkel.

·Internet Infidel’s Errancy Discussions

·Chri$tianity: Bogus Beyond Belief

·Cygnus’ Study: Debunking the Bible

·The Jesus Puzzle

·THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF “WINACE”: Homepage of Skeptic Allan Glenn


On this site the theory of evolution is explained and evolution is shown to be supported by overwhelming evidence from all the relevant fields of science. Evolution is correctly described as both a fact and a theory. Turkel, of course, is a Genesis-believing, AIG-promoting young earth creationist. (see here for more information)

·The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible


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