Thanks for dropping by the site. If you’ve found it, you likely are already familiar with Robert Turkel’s (aka “James Patrick Holding”) Tekton Apologetic Ministry. I hope you will find the articles listed on the main page helpful in evaluating the effectiveness of his apologetics in defending the inerrancy of the Christian Bible.

If you are unfamiliar with Robert Turkel, or Tektonics.Org, but are nonetheless interested in biblical errancy issues, you would benefit from an introduction regarding Turkel written by Farrell Till found here (the link also exists on the main page). The article explains who Robert Turkel is, why he uses the pseudonym “James Patrick Holding,” and why he writes apologetic articles. But you may be asking, “Why an entire site devoted just to articles debunking Turkel’s apologetics? Is he that important?” The answer is, no, Robert Turkel is not that important. However, his articles are referenced by a number of gullible inerrantists and Turkel writes with such an acerbic tongue that sometimes this kind of idol worship and self-aggrandizement requires a check. This site is that check.

Turkel’s mannerism is what gets him into a lot of trouble with skeptics. We have all seen his style of apologetics before. He offers very little that is new and original. However, as veteran skeptic Farrell Till has noted, … “[Turkel] thinks that he can discredit persons, arguments…by hurling insults at them. He doesn't have the slightest idea what constitutes valid debating…whenever I read one of Turkel's articles, I always feel the opposite of king Agrippa, who said after hearing an impassioned speech by the apostle Paul, that he was almost persuaded to become a Christian (Acts 26:28). If ever I have seen anyone whose personal character epitomizes that which a Christian should not be, that would be Robert Turkel, who seems unable to write a paragraph without hurling insults at whoever happens to be the author of what he is ‘answering.’ I understand his problem, however, because it must be frustrating for someone aspiring to be a full-time internet ‘apologist’ to see the fallacies in his ‘arguments’ shattered to pieces.” (If you don’t know so already, Farrell Till is the largest thorn in Turkel’s side and is the unenviable recipient of a lot of Turkel’s Christian rage.)

In some capacity, skeptics feel sorry for Robert Turkel. His venom-laced apologetics actually coat an otherwise very weak position and they know it. Turkel’s attacks simply hide a fragile ego that, when challenged, responds by name-calling, mocking and a variety of other juvenile acts. While Turkel writes articles that often drip with sarcasm and ad hominems, he nonetheless can compose material that to the uniformed sound logically solid and well researched. Turkel owns a Master’s degree in Library Science and a Bachelor’s in English Literature. He knows how to write and he knows how to pepper his articles with a lot of biased references and annotate his work with a long bibliography. To counter this illusion of scholarly work, the articles compiled here expose his otherwise weak apologetics and/or ill manners.

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