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From: Farrell Till (jftill@midwest.net)
Newsgroups: alt.bible.errancy
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Date: 2001-02-16 23:52:05 PST
At 07:07 PM 2/12/01 +0000, you wrote:
>Jerry Lloyd sent the following web site:
>You are in their "Rouges Gallery" and claim that you have not responded to 
>their 'answers', just thought you would like to know.

Is this Jerry Lloyd an admirer of Turkel (Holding's real name)?  If so, could
you send me his e-mail address?  I like to send him notice of how many times
I have challenged Turkel to debate in an open internet forum where the 
audience would be able to read everything that both of us say instead of what
Turkel just selectively quotes from his opponents.

This guy is a sniveling coward.  He isn't about to accept my challenge, which
has been repeated on the internet probably 25 times.

I'll post this to the errancy list so that everyone can be reminded of Turkel's
refusal to debate publicly.

Farrell Till
Skepticism, Inc.

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