J.P. Holding

None of JP's arguments for biblical inerrancy are considered formidable by moderate Protestant Christian theologians or Catholic theologians who are non-inerrantists.

JP ignores the fact that "Context Group" members are not inerrantists--they recognize differences and lack of harmony among biblical authors.

JP hasn't studied science, nor the creation-evolution question, in fact he admits he's unqualified to speak on such matters, but feels he is qualified to impugn any and all scholars whose views concerning the inerrancy question differ from his own.

JP maintains a blissful unawareness of all the scholarly and academic biblioblogging going on round the web from the yahoo group, "Cross Talk 2," to the monthly "Biblical Studies Carnival" though such scholarly and academic groups have been brought to his attention.

crosstalk2 : XTalk: Historical Jesus & Christian Origins A moderated, academic e-List dedicated to the scholarly study and discussion of the historical Jesus and the early history of Christianity [non academics may join]

Biblical Studies Carnival--A monthly carnival showcasing the best of weblog posts in the area of academic biblical studies

The Context Group--One might compare JP's use of the Context Group to promote inerrancy with what they are actually saying, as seen in some excellent reviews/synopses by biblioblogger Loren Rossen III, who has probably read and comprehended far more of the Context Group than JP shows any evidence of having done:

Rossen's amazon.com book reviews, note his reviews of books by Context Group authors:

See also the interview with Rossen at this biblioblogger site:

Rossen's blog

Another biblioblogwell worth reading is Exploring Our Matrix--the Blog of Dr. James F. McGrath, associate professor of religion at Butler University