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"I will strew your flesh upon the mountains, and fill the valleys with your carcass. I will drench the land even to the mountains with your flowing blood..."

Christian god-Ezekiel 32:5

"'Pass through the city after him, and smite; your eye shall not spare and you shall show no pity; slay old men outright, young men and maidens, little children and women...'"

Christian god-Ezekiel 9:5

"Behold, I will corrupt your seed and spread dung upon your faces..."

Christian god-Malachi 2:3

The web site contains articles in which various problems with the Christian religion are examined. These problems include logical errors, internal contradictions, false historical claims, conflicts with science, and various moral failings. There are a few original articles here and some great articles copied from other sites. There are also a number of pages of responses and many educational links. For an explanation of why this little site was put up, click here.

If you want to discuss any of the issues raised on these pages, post a note on my discussion boards, or e-mail me. Feel free to inform me of grammatical errors or web page problems.





The latest additions to this web site.

Site FAQ

A small FAQ page that provides some basic information about this site.

Dear Christian

A message to Christians from a former minister.

Christianity and Society

A brief outline of a few of the problems Christianity has caused for society over the years. This section contains many links to more detailed information.

Bible Problems

I sent this massive list of Bible contradictions, absurdities, cruelties and atrocities to a Christian I had an e-mail discussion with.

Evil Biblical Stupidity

87 rapturously wonderful Bible quotes. Fun for the whole family. Links too!

The Bible

It really isn't as wonderful as Christians think it is.

A Message To Apologists

"Your so very precious."

Recommended Articles

Includes an article about the Christian persecution of pagans and an article describing the varied and exclusionary paths to Christian salvation.

Some Reasons Why Humanists Reject The Bible

A reprint from the American Humanist Association site. A detailed description of the many reasons why the Bible is rejected.

Some Christian Arguments

...and why they don't work. Here is a bunch of atheist arguments from the Secular Web.

Moral Argument

An extended conversation with a Christian web site owner on the subject of morality. Updated 3/19/00. (184 KB) This gentleman stated in September of 1999 that he would put our conversation up on his web site, yet for some inexplicable reason it is nowhere to be found on his site.

He wrote (9/20/99): "I will be posting it (our discussion) as well on my 'DISCUSSION & DEBATE' page, and will not only leave your name, I'll even link your e-mail address and website there as well - if it's ok with you, that is."

I replied (9/20/99): "Yes, feel free to post our disccusion on your web site with my e-mail address. I intend to make a link to your site as well. I think this is the first time I have had a Christian make a link to my site."

CBBB Discussion Board

I check this board often and post as well. If you want to discuss anything on this site, this is a convenient way to do so. To search the forums for a specific topic or quote, go here.

Why The Christian God Is Impossible (link)

This file is not on this site, but it needs a link here because it explains very clearly why the Christian god just ain't a reasonable hypothesis.

Why Christians Just Don't Get It

My thoughts on why Christians can't see that they are being conned.

Tough Questions For The Christian Church

Questions that it can't answer. This list comes from a former Christian.

Questions For Christians

Here is a short list of some common questions.

Thought-Provoking Questions... (link)

A large collection of questions for religious folks.

Ex-Christian Quotes

Ex-Christians describe leaving the faith and other subjects.

Biology Versus Biblical Literalism

Interesting look at some biological structures and processes that demonstrate the absurdity of fundamentalist creationists' beliefs.

William Lane Craig Critique

This esteemed Christian apologist likes to promote the idea that Christianity provides the only viable basis for morality. In this review of his opening statement from a debate on morality, I question Craig's various assumptions and assertions.

Review of "More Than A Carpenter"

A skeptic examines the claims made in apologist Josh McDowell's book and shows how many of the common Christian arguments found in the book are flawed, mistaken and just plain wrong.

Christian radio show audio file

A WMA audio file of a call to a 1990s Seattle, Washington Christian radio show. The caller, Matt, asks the host why God murders infants. The file is 1.65 MB.

Christian radio show MP3

I was featured as a guest on the same Christian radio program in 1995. This short MP3 (776 KB) contains two excerpts from that program.

Christian radio show transcript #1

Transcript of portion of a call to the same Christian radio program. Includes MP3.

Christian radio show transcript #2

Transcript of a call to the same Christian radio program where I pose a difficult query to the host and am thrown off the show, for good. Includes MP3.

E-mail to an apologist

A few questions are asked of an apologetic web site author. Other people's responses to this apologist are included as links.

The Human Basis of Law and Ethics

A natural explanation for human morality, contrasted with the theistic explanation. Another excellent AHA article.

from guestbook

Comments: I am wondering how you live with yourself and these beliefs! I will be praying for you and others who think like you. Too bad it will probably take an eternity in hell to make you realize you were wrong and then it will be too late. God Bless.


An index of quotations from a variety of people on the inquisitions, Galileo, faith versus reason, history, etc. Some frightening stuff.

News Articles

A few articles culled from newspapers.

Heavenly Killbilly

Jehovah's theme song.


Links to related topics.


Fourteen pages of e-mails from visitors to this site, plus my responses. New page added 11/16/03.

Old Guestbook

For some reason my original guestbook was lost, so I got a new one. Then the old guestbook reappeared. Because of this, I have two active guestbooks, with the newer guestbook linked from more recent pages, and the older guestbook linked from older pages that have not yet been updated. This link is to is an inactive saved version of my original guestbook, with entries up to 4/00. Fascinating, huh?

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Christianity and Society

disturbing facts about Christianity's history

In the Bible the charge is made that non-Christians are evil and deserve to be-and will be-tortured for eternity. Unsurprisingly, history shows that Christianity has often inspired its adherents to commit cruel acts and to do evil to others. (pictures of Christian torture, murder and mayhem)

The Christian Church has a long history of oppressing women (more information here), persecuting Jews (see pogroms and host-nailing), and just generally torturing and killing anyone who didn't agree with its theology. (See the Crusades, the inquisitions, witches, and religion and violence) Certain churches did fight against slavery, but the fact of the matter is that the Bible itself condones this horrible institution and Christianity, for most of its history, was pro-slavery.

Over many centuries, Christian leaders impeded the growth of human knowledge by promoting Christian claims as undeniable, unchallengable truth and by punishing those whose research threatened biblical theology. Because of this, the Christian Church had a deleterious effect on medicine and science. A few examples: The Catholic Church put Galileo under house arrest for years because he discovered that-contrary to Catholic theology at the time-the sun did not revolve around the earth but instead the earth revolved around the sun. Christian leaders in the Middle Ages believed that mental illness was a manifestation of demonic possession. These leaders also believed that demonic possession could only be cured with torture and they put their beliefs into practice. (more information here) Less than two centuries ago, certain churches actually fought against disease inoculation for children when vaccination was first introduced. These churches' leaders claimed that disease was a righteous judgement from God and that vaccinating children thwarted God's will. (There are extreme Christian sects today that withhold basic medical help for sick children, and this has resulted in several deaths) Ministers railed against lightning rods as devices that thwarted God's will, but they eventually stopped opposing them after some devastating displays of "God's will." For the longest time, Church leaders violently opposed anesthesia for childbirth, saying that it was a tool of the devil. One woman, Lady Euframe MacAlyane of Edinburgh, Scotland, was put to death in 1591 for having her labor pains lessened by anesthesia. For more on Christianity's historical conflicts with medicine and science, go here and here.

Of course this type of religion-inculcated stupidity has continued to modern times: Despite overpopulation and hunger in third world countries, and the fact that nearly 600,000 women die from pregnancy and childbirth complications every year, leaders of the Catholic Church apparently believe that contraception is one of the greatest evils in the world. The Catholic church has actually condemned the use of condoms in the fight against AIDS in Africa. Needless to say, Christianity's view of sexuality is far from healthy, which possibly explains the high incidence of sexual abuse of children by ministers and priests. (Go here and here for more information)

It is clear that Christianity is a business, and like any business its purpose is to make money. Travel to Europe and see the riches of the Catholic Church. See how much money the American Catholic Church rakes in. Look at the enormous wealth of hucksters like Benny Hinn and the clowns at the 700 Club. Christianity is a big con game, with promises of great rewards, threats of terrible punishments and various other psychological pressures brought to bear. Is it any surprise that the early Church was a forgery mill? (see here) It shouldn't be - all of the major doctrines and story elements of Christianity are found in earlier religions. The following links provide more detailed information:

pagan christs
pagan christs
pagan christs
pagan christs
pagan christs
pagan christs

By the way, you might be surprised to know that a major doctrine of Christianity, the Trinity, did not become part of the religion until the 4th century.


More information on these and similar topics can be found here (scroll down), here, here, and here. In addition, several of the links above connect to chapters in the book, "A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom," by Andrew Dickson White. The entire book can be found here:

1 MB+ text version
easy-to-navigate online version

The reason for this site

I grew up in New Jersey (US) as a Lutheran, went to church on Sundays and on holidays, prayed to God, went to Sunday school, started to go through confirmation-but dropped out after the other kids made fun of the huge slices of homemade bread my mother made my sandwiches with. (It was a very traumatic experience) As I grew older, I started to hold a somewhat skeptical view of Christianity since its stories of gods and demons appeared no more plausible than the Greek myths about gods and demons which everyone "knew" were false. However, I was not able to entirely discount the possibility that Christianity was true since so many seemingly intelligent adults believed it, and we really couldn't go back in time to see what had actually taken place 2000 years ago. Since Christianity had persisted after all these years, perhaps there was something to it.

Throughout college I continued to believe that there could be a god, of some sort, somewhere, but really the only time I spent in church came on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was not a Christian, but neither was I completely convinced that Christianity was absolute nonsense. It would take a few more years for that.

After school, I made my way out to Washington state. Here I started to meet many very religious people. Since religion played such a big part in their lives, it became impossible to avoid discussing the issue. When I told these people that I was skeptical about Christianity, they looked at me as if I was the Devil incarnate. People acted as though there was something seriously wrong with me because I could not accept a 6000-year-old earth or a god which would torture people eternally for their opinions. Even though, by now, these things seemed fairly ridiculous to me, I still somehow could not communicate to others why I did not accept them as true. I had never before been put in the position of explaining my skepticism, and it was frustrating that I could not clearly define, describe and spell out my thoughts on the subject. Then one day, while browsing though a bookstore, I stumbled across the book Atheism: The Case Against God by George Smith. It was a revelation (pardon the pun) to me that somebody had actually written a book on this subject. I had thought that if you doubted Christianity, you were supposed to be respectful and quietly keep it to yourself. The book explained in an extremely clear way why Christianity cannot be accepted as true, and it clarified many of the things I had been thinking and feeling over the years.

After reading this book, I became aware of other skeptical literature, extending back centuries in time. A few years later I finally read the Bible. Since I did not hang on every word and I skipped over the long-winded geneologies and repetition, it was not too brutal. As I was plowing through it, though, I started to become a bit upset. I was troubled by the fact that grown, otherwise intelligent adults could claim that this book was the "Divine Revelation" of an all-good, all-powerful, all-knowing being. It is nothing of the sort. It is simply a collection of books written by fallible men. Nothing more, nothing less. There is nothing especially remarkable about it, despite the unending praises heaped upon it it by teary-eyed true believers. It does not contain a cure for cancer, it offers no solutions to world hunger, it has no original moral thoughts. Much of it, in fact, is quite immoral. While it tells us a great deal about the times in which it was written, and while it has had a tremendous impact on western society, it cannot be accepted as literal history and divine truth. The unfortunate thing is that most Christians never read it.

Anyway, because of my experiences with Christianity and the Bible, I have put up this modest little web site. Oftentimes people visiting this site have questioned why I even bother. They tell me that if I believe life is finite, I should just spend all of my time trying to wring enjoyment out of every spare moment before I collapse into a writhing blob of wrinkled, dying protoplasm. Why waste my time trying to take away beliefs which give people hope and happiness? I think the "why" of this web site is explained in the e-mail exchange below.

Subj: Question
Date: 98-01-09 20:51:44 EST

Hi, I'm Jon

First of all I would like to say, this is a well organized , and easy reading webpage :) I always enjoy reading pages for and aginst the existance of God.

But I do have a question , Why do you spend so much time and effort, trying to disprove the existance of God. I mean what difference does it make? I understand why the "Christian" tries so hard to teach people about Jesus, they are trying to save them from Hell etc.

But why try to destroy peoples Faith? Why is it so important? And why target Christians only ,and I mean people who believe in the biblical God, what about Hindus or Buddists Etc? It's not that I'm trying to put down what you do, just trying to understand, It just seems that non believers have so much motivation and energy when it comes to disproving God... even more than the "Christians" have trying to prove it.

What is your motivation? And if you Suceeded in proving that there is no God, What good would it do?



Why do I put such an effort into telling Christians that they are wrong? Because I am a moral person. I care about others. When I see people who are clearly under the spell of a ridiculous illusion, I want to help them out. Wouldn't you help people if you thought they were wasting their lives groveling before the ludicrous superstitions of a bygone era? I would certainly hope so.

I see the "teachings" of the Bible to be psychologically damaging-the progenitor of numerous destructive delusions, and a cause for intolerance in society. For example, the Bible says that unbelievers are evil and will be tortured for eternity. This has no basis in fact, but it colors the way Christians view and treat non-Christians. In past centuries non-Christians were slaughtered because of this "teaching." Even Christians who did not accept the right form of Christianity were murdered. They were viewed as evil, you see, and the Church controlled society. The very idea that people should be and will be tortured for their thoughts is one of the most ridiculous and sickening ideas that has ever been foisted on the human race, and it continually amazes me-it stuns me-that Christians, intelligent adult Christians, cannot grasp how utterly beyond the pale this idea is.

Christianity teaches that we should hate our bodies, our thoughts, and the world itself because they are all steeped in sin. According to Christianity, the only purpose of our brief lives on this sinkhole of evil is to get into heaven. I think all of this is false, of course, and that it forces untold guilt and suffering on people for absolutely no other reason than to fill up the collection plates on Sundays. It is about as unhealthy and anti-life a teaching as one could possibly inflict on another person.

The Bible tells us that in order to get into heaven one must have unshakable faith in Christian claims. You must have faith no matter what the "facts" of this fallen world are, or what the "wise" of the world say, or what your own reason tells you. Doubt is sinful, faith is divine. This is a great mind control tactic and it is of unquestionable benefit to the churches, but it (causes Christians to) fear their own thoughts and deny reality in order to protect their all-important belief. To me, this is evil.

There are other things about Christianity I find abhorrent-the biblical god's support of slavery, its murder of children, and the slaughter of men, women and children it repeatedly orders (its) chosen people to engage in. Similarly, I have trouble with the biblical god ordering that women who do not appear to be virgins on their wedding nights be stoned to death. I could go on and on... Of course, I don't think this god is real, I just have trouble with the idea of Christians making such an immoral monster the focal point of their lives, and using their mistaken beliefs to justify intolerance towards others.

To me the Bible is nothing more than the product of ancient people, and reflects the morals, the superstitions and the ignorance of their culture-and the agenda of an early Christian Church. People certainly have the right to believe that the Bible is the divinely-inspired word of a god, but I also have the right to tell them they are wrong. It simply would be immoral not to.



P.S. By the way, though I view all religions as false, I have focused on Christianity because it is the dominant religion where I live.

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